Christmas Missing You Poems

Sometimes, it may so happen that it may not be possible for you to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends. This is definitely a sad part of your life, but you can perfectly explain your feelings that you are missing your loved ones by sending greeting cards, in which “missing you at Christmas poems” are incorporated.

Missing You on Christmas

Nothing can match your feelings, but these poems, when shared, may reduce the sad feelings to some extent. In these missing you at Christmas poems, perfect words are written to show your emotions. Even though you miss your loved ones physically, they cannot be taken away from your heart.

Miss You at Christmas

I am missing you at Christmas.
I am longing to see your smile
But know that you can’t come.
A Christmas gift, especially chosen
For you is still waiting for you,
The garden is now white with snow
Just the way you loved it,
Holly leaves and candy sticks
Have lost their charm.
I miss last Christmas when
We were together and
This Christmas is so lonesome
But you are enjoying it, I know
In heaven…

- Copyrighted by Dgreetings


There’ll be one missing Christmas,
one place at table—bare,
one smiling face we’ll yearn for
just knowing you’re not there

One present left beneath the tree
after all have been passed out,
with pretty ribbon posed atop—
a heartfelt gift, no doubt

Voices soft, diminished,
we’ll sing a Christmas song,
hoping next year’s easier
for you haven’t been gone long

The joy of your great laughter
as the children gathered ‘round—
your spirit more like ‘Peter Pan’
in revelry and sound

The snow outside—light falling,
of which you were so fond,
swift on skis and snowboard,
and skating on the pond

Cozy by a crackling fire
we’ll surely quiet sit,
recalling times your lengthy frame
would stretch in front of it

We’ll have to gather all our faith
and be of one accord,
knowing you are safe with Him—
spending Christmas with our Lord…

Missing you at Christmas poem by Tamara Hillman.

Short Missing you Poems on Christmas

Baby I miss you
Most at Christmas time
And I can’t get u
Get you off my mind
Every other season comes along
& I’m all right
But then I miss u, most at Christmas time

Christmas is here,
And I’m missing you,
Help me dad,
What am I going to do,
With all the love were soon going to share,
Dad why can’t you be here,
I want you to know one thing is true,
Your little girl,
Is always thinking of you!

In The Flower My Rose Is You.
In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You.
In The Sky My Moon Is u.
I’m Only Body My Heart Is u.
That’s Why I Always MISS u.
I miss u, most at Christmas time

Miss you poems on Christmas will convey your heartfelt sentiments, especially when you are alone and at a far away place from your beloved family and friends. You can get many such poems online and send them to the people, whom you miss personally on Christmas occasion.

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